World Outreach (WO)

World Outreach

World Outreach is the mission mobilizing and sending arm of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. From its birth, the EPC established its World Outreach emphasis to enable the EPC to be a mission church.

Our global vision is to glorify God through full-cycle church planting which firmly establishes the Church of Jesus Christ among the least-reached peoples, with a primary focus on the Muslim world. This vision leads us to see our principal calling as working in those places where peoples have never heard, and cultures have not yet been transformed by the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and thus, there is no viable church established.

We believe the goal of missions is that God be glorified as Christ’s Church is established, and worshipers are gathered from every tribe, language and nation. Our work focuses on the planting of churches, equipping those churches and their leaders to grow to maturity, enabling them to reproduce themselves in their own culture, imparting a vision to them of sending out their own people as cross-cultural missionaries, and partnering with them to do so. Where possible, we seek to plant churches that are Reformed and covenantal, as we believe that is the clearest, though not the only, expression of biblical teaching.

Where they Serve

World Outreach has resident missionaries in 20 countries. Most of our workers focus their work in the 10/40 window, or with peoples who originated in this region or who have emigrated from this region. Though not our exclusive focus, we have intentionally emphasized those places and peoples who are yet unreached with the gospel, who have historically been resistant to the gospel message, or among whom the church has not yet been established.

We accomplish our work in two ways, sending teams directly out under World Outreach to work in designated EPC focus fields around the world, and sending missionaries from World Outreach to join teams from other mission agencies, working with them under Cooperative Agreements in order to partner together to advance the work of the Kingdom.

The Orchard Christian Fellowship supports One mission family serving in India, another mission family serving in Saudi Arabia and a missionary who is desiring to serve in remote villages of east Asia. All preaching the word to people who otherwise would not here the Gospel.

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