Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that you don’t see here, please contact us.

Is there child care during the Sunday Services?

We offer childcare for children age 6 and younger during the Sunday services. The childcare room is just across the lobby from our worship space. Every family is given a pager to alert you in case you are needed in the childcare room.  All childcare workers, age 18 and older, have had Background Checks.


There is a strict Check-in/Check-out Policy, enforced by our kind and caring volunteers. Please be sure to fill out a label and place it on your child. Retain the backside of their sticker so we are able to match you to them at pick-up. Also, label your child’s belongings, as needed.

We will provide a snack for children who are able to eat solids, unless you indicate otherwise. Please alert the childcare volunteer(s) of any food allergies or special needs your child may have.

For those wishing to volunteer in childcare, we request that you complete a Background Check form and return it to Lisa Powers (

I recently visited The Orchard – now what?

If you’ve visited our fellowhship for a Sunday service, you’re probably asking yourself the question “Now what do I do?” Now it’s time to get more involved! You’ll find that you’ll get a lot more out of The Orchard if you join a group where you get to know people better and build new friendships. Our fellowship offers many small groups and ministries, as well as several caring ministries to meet the needs of our community.